Passing the Faith Along to A New Generation / A Flower in The Desert! 
Delivered By
Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
June 20, 2021
Passing the Faith Along to A New Generation / A Flower in The Desert! 

Passing the Faith Along to A New Generation
(The Last Generation?)
Pastor Tom
Text:  Nehemiah 8:1-9
Introduction: Passing our faith on to the next generation is something that was part of God’s plan since the creation of man. II Timothy 2:2  When we are Holy Spirit filled, and we pass the pure unadulterated Word of God to others, we create special God moments of time in our life and those we teach.  
A.) A word about time before we get started in the message today:  In the New Testament Greek has two words for time – chronos and kairos.  Mark 1:15, Revelation 12:14, Romans 13:11,Luke 24:32  
I. Our Pressing Message
(Also, a Poignant Message) Nehemiah 8:2-3
A.) Preach God’s Word Completely Acts 20:27 
B.) Preach God’s Word Only  Psalm 119:89, II Timothy 4:2 
1. Preach the Convicting Word - “Reprove”
2. Preach the Correcting Word - “Rebuke”
3. Preach the Constructing Word - “Exhort”
4. Preach the Converting Word - II Timothy 4:5, I Peter 1:25
C.) Preach God’s Word  Christ  Centrically   John 5:39, John 12:32  
What Is Not Incarnational Is Not Redemptional, And What Is Not Redemptional Is Not Transforming.   
II. Our Precise Method  Nehemiah 8:4
A.) Read the Word of God Distinctly.
Nehemiah 8:8, I Peter 5:2    All great sermons are birth from a text from God’s Word and will have four qualities: Truth, Clarity, Passion and Decisionary.  
All eternal sermons are empowered by the Holy Spirit.    
Our goal should be to deliver both great and eternal sermons.
B.) Share the Word of God Commonly.
Nehemiah 8:8   “...and gave the sense” Just because the water is muddy does not mean it is deep!  Jesus: Mark 12:37 Paul: I Corinthians 2 :4 
C.) Preach the Word of God Definingly.
Nehemiah 8:8 “...caused them to understand the reading.  The Word Preach has Reach in it and the word Each in it. So, when we Preach it must Reach Each!     I may preach Truth but only the Holy Spirit can impart Truth!
III. Our Powerful Results 
A.) They Sought a Word from God Personally.     Nehemiah 8:1
B.) They Listened to The Word of God Attentively. Nehemiah 8:3     
C.) They Worshiped the God of The Word Passionately.        Nehemiah 8:6, Nehemiah 8:9  
D.) They Lived the Word of God Outwardly.  Nehemiah 8:14-18

A Flower in The Desert! 
Genesis 37:1-11
Introduction: Joseph - A Flower in the Desert, A Gardenia in a Garbage Can, A Rose Among the Thorns, . Looking a Joseph Family Background, we have discovered that his family was marked by vice and violence. This godly man grew up in some most ungodly soil. I am still amazed that God could take a young man from such a background and use him like He did. Joseph, however, is so different that he literally stands out like A Flower in the Desert, A Gardenia in a Garbage Can, A Rose Among the Thorns.
I. The Purity of Joseph's Life   Genesis 37:2
A. One of the most striking ways Joseph was different was in the purity of his life. 
B. Some authors accuse Joseph of being a talebearer. Matt. 7:13-14
C. There are some lessons in this verse that we need to take to take to heart today. I Peter 1:16, II Corin. 6:17, Lev. 19:16, Proverbs 26:20-22 
II. The Promotion of Joseph's Life Genesis 37:3-4 
A. These verses tell us a little about the atmosphere within the home of Joseph.
B. Jacob's choice of Joseph did not result purely from a desire to elevate him above his brothers.                            C. Joseph carried himself well and he earned the respect of his father. The brothers of Joseph wanted nothing to do with him at all. They could not even say “Shalom” when they met him. They didn't have a kind word for Joseph. In fact, their hatred grew with each passing day, v. 4, 5, 8, 11.
D. That's a lot of background from the text, now let me make a few points of application before we move on.
Matthew 25:21, Luke 16:10,John 1:26-30
III. The Promise of Joseph's Life     Genesis 37:5
A. As trouble was brewing in this family, God was working in the life of Joseph.  Let's look at the two dreams Joseph dreamed. v. 5-8 — This first dream was of Joseph and his brothers gathering grain in a field. v. 9-11 — These second dream consisted of the sun, the moon and eleven stars all bowing down to Joseph. This time he not only tells his brothers, but he also tells his father. Jacob immediately understands the implications of this dream and issues a mild rebuke.  But we are told that he “observed the saying”.  This means “to take heed to”. Jacob is having his choice of Joseph confirmed by a dream from the Lord.  Not only has their father obviously chosen Joseph over them, but now God is also speaking through Joseph.  
B. These dreams are the first indication that God has big plans for Joseph. 
C. Let me share a few points of application from this portion of Scripture.  The Bible is superior to dreams and visions in several ways. 
First, the Bible speaks to many subjects; dreams are more limited in their focus. 
Second, the Bible is far more trustworthy. Anyone can read it.  A dream is only known to the dreamer. 
Third, the Bible has absolute authority, dreams mean nothing. 
Fourth, the Bible is certain and fixed. Dreams fade with time. John 15:18-20
Conclusion In the bouquet that formed Jacob's family, there was only one flower. Joseph was a Flower in the Desert, A Gardenia in a Garbage Can, A Rose Among the Thorns. Like cream this young man rose to the top and his life stands as a testimony of what God can do with a life despite the difficulties that would seem to hinder His work.   Acts 2:17-21