Joseph From a Palace Slave House to The Prison House / Forgotten But Not Forsaken!
Delivered By
Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
July 11, 2021
Joseph From a Palace Slave House to The Prison House / Forgotten But Not Forsaken!

Sunday AM
Joseph From a Palace Slave House to The Prison House
Genesis 39:1-23
Pastor Tom
This chapter returns to the story of Joseph which began in Genesis 37.  At the end of chapter 37, Joseph was sold by his brothers to merchantmen on their way to Egypt; Genesis 38 Judah’s Story This Divine-prince portion of the birthright is the part of the birthright that includes the promise and lineage of the Messiah, which is why this chapter is included in the Scriptures. And now in this chapter- Genesis 39, we begin the history of Joseph after he got to Egypt.  Genesis 39 can be divided into four major parts as follows:
I. The Position for Joseph   Genesis 39:1-6
1. The Warden in the Position  Genesis 39:1
2. The Wisdom in the Position  Genesis 39:4  
3. The Welfare in the Position   Genesis 39:2
4. The Witness in the Position  Genesis 39:2
5. The Worth in the Position  Genesis 39:5
II. The Proposition for Joseph Genesis 39:6-12
1. The Ways of Temptation  Genesis 39:6-12
• The temptation was vile. "Lie with me" Genesis 39:7     
• The temptation was visual.  Genesis 39:6,7
• The temptation was versatile. 
• The temptation was validated.  Genesis 39:7 
• The temptation was vigilant. 
• The temptation was veiled.   Genesis 39:10,11
• The temptation was vigorous.  
2. The War Against Temptation   Genesis 39:8-12
• The dogmatism of Joseph. Genesis 39:8,10, 12
• The dependability of Joseph.  Genesis 39:8
• The discerning of Joseph.  Genesis 39:9,10
• The devoutness of Joseph. Genesis 39:9
• The determination of Joseph.  Genesis 39:8,10,12
• The departing of Joseph.  Genesis 39:10,12
• The dispatch of Joseph.  Genesis 39:12, 2 Timothy 2:22
III. The Prosecution of Joseph Genesis 39:13-18
2 Timothy 3:12
1. The Calumny in the Prosecution Genesis 39:14
2. The Clothes in the Prosecution  Genesis 39:15
3. The Contempt in the Prosecution Genesis 39:14,17
IV. The Punishment for Joseph  Genesis 39:19-23
1. The Provocation in the Punishment   Genesis 39:19
2. The Pity in the Punishment   Genesis 39:20
3. The Pain in the Punishment   Genesis 39:20
4. The Presence in the Punishment Genesis 39:21
"But the Lord was with Joseph." 
5. The Promotion in the Punishment Genesis 39:22

Sunday PM
Forgotten But Not Forsaken!
Genesis 40:1-23
Joseph has been put in prison. This chapter and part of the next chapter of Genesis report Joseph's experience in prison. Genesis 40 can be divided into three major parts as follows:
I. The Promotion of Joseph    Genesis 40:1-4
1. The Wrath for the Promotion Genesis 40:1-2
2. The Ward for the Promotion  Genesis 40:3                                    
3. The Warden in the Promotion  Genesis 40:4
II. The Performance of Joseph  Genesis 40:4-8
1. The Spirit of His Performance Genesis 40:3-4 
2. The Solicitude in His Performance  Genesis 40:6-7  
III. The Predictions of Joseph  Genesis 40:9-23
1. The Communications for the Predictions Genesis 40:9, 16
2. The Consistency in the Predictions  Genesis 40:13, 19
3. The Commission in the Predictions  Genesis 40:14-15
4. The Concern About the Predictions  Genesis 40:16 
5. The Confirmation of the Predictions Genesis 40:20-22
6. The Carelessness About the Predictions  Genesis 40:23

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