Jesus Satisfies A Thirsty Soul / The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Delivered By
Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
October 10, 2021
Jesus Satisfies A Thirsty Soul / The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son

Jesus Satisfies A Thirsty Soul
John 4:1-30
Introduction   Jesus and the Woman at the Well!  As we continue to stroll through John's magnificent portrait gallery, we are presented with a new portrait of Jesus. In John chapter 4, Jesus is presented as the Great Thirsty Soul Satisfier! (Great Soul Winner).  From Nathaniel in the beginning of His ministry to the thief on the cross at the end of His ministry, Jesus was bust bringing sinners unto Himself.  He genuinely cared for the fallen and was willing to reach out to all who crossed His path, whatever the cost!       This story is no exception! In these verses, we can watch Jesus doing that which He does best, bringing sinners to salvation.  
I. The Confrontation with a Sinful Woman      John 4:1-8
A. The Savior John 4:3-6
1. He Is Seen Walking - This is the evidence of His poverty. Heb. 4:15. 
2. He Is Seen as Willing - Verse 4 declares that Jesus 'must needs go through Samaria.”  There is no person or race of people beyond the reach of God's grace. Notice that Jesus was willing to go out of His way to reach this poor lost woman. 
3. He Is Seen as Wearied - Again, this demonstrates His humanity.  Jesus was here on a mission and that mission is clearly stated in Luke 19:10, 
4. He Is Seen Waiting - Jesus is seen waiting on this dear woman to come His way. All along the way of life Jesus positions Himself directly in our pathway. 
B. The Sinner John 4:7a 
The second person in this great play is a woman. A woman who is sinful and needs salvation. 
According to verse 6, it is about the sixth hour. According to the Jewish clock, this would be around 12 noon. (? Jacob's well was about ½ mile from the village.) For a woman to be drawing water at this hour would be an unusual occurrence. John 4:16-18. This lady is no different from any other sinner who has ever walked upon the face of the earth. The problem all sinners face is that we are estranged from God.  
Psalm 58:3, Isaiah 59:1-2
He bridges the gap between God and man: I Timothy 2:5
For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. 
C. The Scene   John 4:7b-8
II. The Conversation with a Sinful Woman John 4:9-26
Listen in and observe their conversation.
A. They Talked of Wells    John 4:9-12
B. They Talked of Water   John 4:13-15
C. They Talked of Wickedness   John 4:16-19
John 6:44, John 6:65, Ephesians 2:1
D. They Talked of Worship   John 4:20-24
E. They Talked of Wisdom   John 4:25-26
III. The Conversion of a Sinful Woman
John 4:27-30
A. It Was Immediate (v. 28a)
B. It Was Incredible (v. 28b)
C. It Was Impelling (v. 28c-29)
Conclusion:   4 Wonderful Things We Can Learn from The Story of the Woman at the Well
1. Jesus alone is the Living Water that fills our void.
2. Jesus is not fazed by our sin. 
3. Jesus is our Savior- King. 
4. Our life should overflow into the exaltation of the Messiah. 
What was it that took this woman from being a hardened sinner, who was dead to spiritual things and transformed her into a powerful witness for the Lord? It can be summed up in one word: Jesus! He makes the difference in any life He touches. Has He touched your life?  Has He redeemed you from your sins? If you were to die today, where would you spend your eternity? My friends, I invite you to come to Jesus today and to allow Him to save your eternal souls.  There is absolutely nothing more important that where you will spend eternity. And that all rests upon what you decide about Jesus. Will you come to Him today and be saved?

The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son
Jesus Is God’s Assurance for Your Doubts  
Text: John 4:46-54
After Jesus got through with this nobleman, he had a:
1.)  Faith that sees the invisible
2.)  Faith that believes the incredible
3.)  Faith that receives the impossible
John 4:48, John 2:23-25 
What is wrong with always wanting a sign from God? 
A.) It Is Dishonoring to God. John 20:25-29,John 4:39-41
B.) It Is Dangerous to Men. II Thess. 2:9,II Peter 1:16-19
C.) It Is Devastating to Strong Faith.
1. The Obstacle of Secondhand Faith  John 4:43-47
2. The Obstacle of Sign-demanding Faith John 4:48, Matt.12:39
3. The Obstacle of Self-centered Faith John 4:49
4. The Obstacle of Strong-willed Faith John 4:49-50
John 4:50
A.) He Heard the Words of Jesus.   John 4:50
B.) He Believed the Words of Jesus.  John 4:50
C.) He Obeyed the Words of Jesus. John 4:50
D.)  He Rested in The Words of Jesus.  John 4:51-53
John 4:53-54
A.) The Discovery of Faith for The Nobleman and His Whole Family John 4:53
B.) Why Did Jesus Come? Luke 19:10, John 10:10, Matthew 1:21, Luke 2:11, I Timothy 1:15, 
1. In John 4:41-42, the nobleman believes in Jesus for a miracle.
2. In John 4:53, the nobleman and his family believe in Jesus for Salvation.  
Jesus Is God’s Assurance For Your Doubts