Delivered By
Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
July 25, 2021

Genesis 43, 44, and 45:1-5
I. A Sea of Emotion  Genesis 43:15-34
1. The Brothers and Their Fears Genesis 43:18-24
2. Joseph and His Feelings  Genesis 43:25-30
3. The Family and Their Feast  Genesis 43:31-34
II. The  Missing Silver Cup  Genesis 44:1-34
1. It Involved a Conspiracy   Genesis 44:1-9
2. It Involved a Confrontation Genesis 44:10-13 
3. It Involved a Confession   Genesis 44:14-34
III.  I Am Joseph   Genesis 45:1-5
1. There Is a Parallel in His Knowledge
2. There Is a Parallel in His Love
3. There Is a Parallel in His Salvation
4.. There Is a Parallel in His Call

Sunday PM
I AM JOSEPH (Part Two)
Genesis 45:1-28
The long-awaited revealing of Joseph's identity and the immediate sequence of that revealing are reported in this chapter. Joseph received more than adequate proof that his brothers had changed in character, therefore he could safely reveal his identity and bestow on them the many blessings which his position in Egypt enabled him to do. 
Genesis 45 can be divided into three major parts as follows:
I. The Revealing of Joseph   Genesis 45:1-4,12-15,16
1. The Privacy of the Revealing  Genesis 45:1
2. The Passion in the Revealing  Genesis 45:2,14,15                         
3. The Perturbation in the Revealing   Genesis 45:3                          
4. The Perspective in the Revealing Genesis 42:4,5,7,8, 50:20
5. The Pleasure from the Revealing Genesis 45:2,16                        
6. The Proof in the Revealing   Genesis 45:12
II. The Redirecting by Joseph Genesis 45:9-11,17-24
1. The Path in the Redirecting   Genesis 45:9,13
2. The Proclamation in the Redirecting  Genesis 45:9-11,13
3. The Precaution in the Redirecting Genesis 45:20-24
4. The Provisions for the Redirecting Genesis 45:19,21-24
III. The Reporting About Joseph
Genesis 45:25-28
1. The Problem in the Reporting   Genesis 45:27
2. The Particulars of the Reporting Genesis 45:26,27
3. The Pessimism About the Reporting     Genesis 45:26
4. The Proof for the Reporting   Genesis 45:27
5. The Prospects from the Reporting Genesis 45:26, I John 3:2-3

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