I Believe in Jesus! 
Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
March 13, 2022
Central Passage
John 21:1-25
I Believe in Jesus! 

I Believe in Jesus! 
John 21:1-25
John 16:31 Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe? 

 This chapter is a postscript to the Gospel. The ending of the previous chapter was obviously intended at first to be the ending of the book, but then chapter 21 was added for which we can be most grateful. The ending of this chapter is similar to the ending of the previous chapter in that it makes a reference to the contents of the book as a closing statement. John 21 may be divided into three major parts as follows:
 I. Jesus Performs a Miracle to Feed People Physically 
 John 21:1–14 The Miracle of Christ                      
 1. The Fellows for the Miracle    John 21:1-3                        
 2. The Failure Prompting the Miracle  John 21:3-6              
 3. The Fish in the Miracle     John 21:4-11                            
 4. The Feeding After the Miracle   John 21:9-14  
 II. Jesus Proclaims a Ministry to Feed People Spiritually John 21:15–23

 The Ministry of Peter     
 1. The Prerequisite of Service    John 21:15-17                     
 1. Jesus Did Not Ask About Peter’s Doctrine                                              
 2. Jesus Did Not Ask, “Do You Repent of Your Sin?”                                 
 3. Jesus Didn’t Ask, “Are You Keeping My Commandments?”                
 4. Jesus Did Not Ask About Peter’s Orthodoxy                                          
 5. Jesus Didn’t Ask About Peter’s Position                                                  
 6. Jesus Did Not Ask About Peter’s Performance                                       
 7. Jesus Asked Peter Do YOU LOVE ME? 
Three times he asked Peter, “Lovest thou me” (John 21:15, 16, 17).         
• The subject of the love. “Lovest thou me.”                                                 
• The size of love. “More than these” (John 21:15).                                  
• The sort of love. The first two questions use the word “agapao”; the other four words translated love come from the Greek word “phileo.” 
2. The Precepts for Service   John 21:15-17
• The feeding of the sheep. 
• The following of the Savior. Twice Christ told Peter to follow “me” (John 21:19, 22). 
3. The Prediction About Service John 21:18-19
• Steadfast service. Christ said that Peter would “glorify God” (John 21:19) by his death. 
4. The Problem in Service   John 21:20-23
III. Jesus Provides a Message to Free People Personally   
The Manuscript of John  John 21:24-25, John 20:30,John 14:29
1. The Composer of the Manuscript John 21:24, 8:32
2. The Contents of the Manuscript John 21:25

I would like to ask you this, “What does your future hold for you?” Does it hold chastisement, misery, and difficulty? Or does it hold joy, peace, blessing and glory for the Lord? The answer all depends on what you do right now.   Some of you, like Peter, may be toiling while Jesus stands calling out to you today. Please understand that you do not have to remain at a distance from Him this morning. If this message has found you lost and on your way to Hell, then I invite you to come to Jesus right now. He loves you and wants to save your soul. I know I have preached primarily to saved people, and what they will face if they do not repent is bad. But, dear lost friend, if you do not come to Jesus, you are eternally lost and are headed to Hell with no hope. Forever lost, forever doomed and forever damned. Do not let that happen to you. If this message found you backslidden, then I invite you to come back to the Father’s House right now. He stands ready to receive, to forgive and to restore, if you will only come back home.