From The Prison to The Palace  / The Time of Famine and Reckoning 
Delivered By
Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
July 18, 2021
From The Prison to The Palace  / The Time of Famine and Reckoning 

From The Prison to The Palace 
Genesis 41:1-57
From the prison to the palace is the experience of Joseph in this chapter.  This chapter shows the reason for all the hardships experienced by Joseph.  It is a most encouraging chapter; for it reminds us that when God gives us a set of trying circumstances, it is simply a training period for better days ahead. Genesis 42 can be divided into four major parts as follows:
I. The Remembering of Joseph
Genesis 41:1-13
1. The Calendar in the Remembering  Genesis 41:1
2. The Cause of the Remembering Genesis 41:1,5,8
3. The Confession in the Remembering   Genesis 41:9
4. The Communication in the Remembering Genesis 41:13-14
II. The Revealing by Joseph    Genesis 41:14-36
1. The Injunction for the Revealing   Genesis 41:14
2. The Introduction for the Revealing Genesis 41:15-16
3. The Informing for the Revealing  Genesis 41:22, 24
4. The Interpreting in the Revealing Genesis 41:25,30,32
5. The Instructions in the Revealing  Genesis 41:33-36
III. The Rewarding of Joseph   Genesis 41:37-45
1. The Approval for the Rewarding Genesis 41:37,38
2. The Appointing in the Rewarding Genesis 41:38-45
Pharaoh never made a better appointment than when he appointed Joseph to oversee the food situation.
• The attributes for the appointing. Genesis 41:38,39
First, his character.   Genesis 41:38   Second, his comprehension.  "Discreet" Genesis 41:39    Third, his capacity.   "Wise" Genesis 41:39
• The age in the appointing. Genesis 41:46
• The authority from the appointing. Genesis 41:40
• The accompaniments of the appointing. 
Six things accompanied this promotion. 
First, ring.  "Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand and put it upon Joseph's hand" (Genesis 41:42). 
Second, robe. "Pharaoh... arrayed him [Joseph] in vestures [robes] of fine linen" (Genesis 41:42). 
Third, rank.  "Pharaoh... put a gold chain about his neck" (Genesis 41:42). 
Fourth, ride.  "He [Pharaoh] made him [Joseph] to ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee" (Genesis 41:43). 
Fifth, reputation.  "Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnath-paaneah" (Genesis 41:45).   This was the acquittal of Joseph. Joseph had been in prison; Pharaoh would wipe out any bad connotations of that experience. "Zaphnath-paaneah" meant such things as "revealer of secrets," and the "prince of life of the world." 
Sixth, romance. "Pharaoh... gave him [Joseph] to wife Asenath" (Genesis 41:45). 
IV. The Ruling by Joseph   Genesis 41:46-57
1. The Stewardship in the Ruling Genesis 41:45-49
2. The Storing in the Ruling  Genesis 41:48,49
3. The Selling in the Ruling   Genesis 41:56-57  
4. The Sons During the Ruling  Genesis 41:51,52       
"It is good for me that I have been afflicted" (Psalm 119:71). Joseph's afflictions increased his fruitfulness. This encourages us about our trials.

The Time of Famine and Reckoning 
Genesis 42:1-38 
The first reunion of Joseph with his ten older brothers is the theme of this chapter. Only Joseph knew it was a reunion, however; for the ten older brothers did not recognize Joseph, though he recognized them when they came to Egypt for food.   Genesis 42 can be divided into four major parts as follows:
I. The Reason for the Reunion  Genesis 42:1-5
1. The Crisis of Food    Genesis 42:5
2. The Corn in Egypt    Genesis 42:1,2
3. The Command of Jacob   Genesis 42:1-5
II. The Reception at the Reunion         Genesis 42:6-24
1. The Reverence for the Reception  Genesis 42:6
2. The Recognition in the Reception  Genesis 42:7-8
3. The Remembering at the Reception  Genesis 42:9
4. The Roughness of the Reception Genesis 42:7,9,17,19,24
5. The Requirement at the Reception Genesis 42:20
6. The Remorse at the Reception Genesis 42:21,22,24
III. The Restoration at the Reunion Genesis 42:25-28
1. The Decree for the Restoration Genesis 42:25
2. The Discovery of the Restoration Genesis 42:27
3. The Dread About the Restoration Genesis 42:28
IV. The Report of the Reunion    Genesis 42:29-38
1. The Details of the Report  Genesis 42:30,32,34
2. The Discovery After the Report  Genesis 42:35
3. The Despair Over the Report  Genesis 42:35-36
4. The Diplomacy After the Report Genesis 42:37 
5. The Disallowing despite the Report  Genesis 42:38