Choosing Victory / The Power Of An Encourager
Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
June 12, 2022
CHOOSING VICTORY / The Power Of An Encourager

Joshua 8:1-35
Introduction: Our text speaks about the tiny city of Ai. From all indications, this city should have been a pushover for Israel as they marched through Canaan. However, in chapter 7, Israel experienced her only defeat when they attacked the little city of Ai. In that battle, thirty-six of their soldiers died and Israel was forced to flee from the soldiers of Ai. Israel experienced this defeat for a couple of reasons.  First, they failed to seek the Lord’s will before they went into battle. They were arrogant and proud after their victory at Jericho. They assumed they were beyond defeat. They learned differently. Second, they suffered this defeat was because there was sin among them. Proverbs 16:18   Ai is a picture the flesh. The word “Ai” means “a heap of ruins.” That is a good way to describe our flesh, or our fallen, human natures. Paul reminds us about the wickedness of the flesh in Romans 7:18, Ephesians 2:1, Romans 3:10–23. Ai is first mentioned in the book of Genesis in connection with the life of Abraham, Gen. 12:8; 13:3. The Bible tells us that Abraham pitched his tent “between Bethel and Hai.” Now, the name “Bethel” means, “The house of God.” Like Abraham, many of God’s people have pitched their tents somewhere between “the house of God” and “a heap of ruins.” Do you see the connection? You can either live in a place of victory and blessing, or you can live in a place of defeat and misery. You can either have a Bethel kind of life or an Ai experience.
Joshua 8:1-2
A.) A Word About Winning Joshua 8:1
Romans 6:14, II Corinthians 5:17, II Peter 2:4, John 16:13, I Corinthians 15:57
B.)  A Word About Waiting Joshua 8:2, Psalm 37:34, Psalm 27:14

  Joshua 8:3-26
A. They Embraced God’s Plan Joshua 8:3-17
God’s spiritual support system must be made a huge part of our lives:
1. We need the Word of God I Peter 2:2, II Timothy 2:15
2. We need prayer Luke 18:1, I Thessalonians 5:17
3. We need faithful church attendance Hebrews 10:25
4. We need the constant fellowship of the saints I Corinthians 12:27
B.) They Experienced God’s Power Joshua 8:18-23
 Israel fought the battle, but God gave the victory!
Ephesians 6:10, Philippines 4:13, I Corinthians 10:13, I John 4:4.
C.) They Enjoyed God’s Performance Joshua 8:24-26
You can count on God to keep His Word: Romans 4:21, Psalm 119:89, Matthew 24:32, Hebrews 4:14-16

Joshua 8:27-35
A.) Victory Is Preserved by Death Joshua 8:27-29
1. Your flesh is at war with the Spirit of God Who is in you.   Galatians 5:16–24, Romans 7:14–25.
2. Your flesh was crucified with Jesus Christ Romans 6:6–7.
3. We are to reckon the flesh dead daily Colossians 3:1–10.  The secret to victory over the flesh lies in seeing the flesh as God sees it. It lies in being able to reckon the flesh dead — Romans 6:11–14; Galatians 2:20, Romans13:14.
B.) Victory Is Preserved by Devotion Joshua 8:30-35
After the enemy had been eradicated and victory had been preserved, Israel finished by doing what the Lord had told them to do in Deut. 27:1–28:6.
Conclusion: Before Israel worshipped on the mountain they built an altar, and Joshua wrote the words of the Law of God in the presence of all the people: Joshua 8:30-31 The altar was a place of death. It was a place of sacrifice. They were only victorious because they sacrificed their will, their pride and their ability at the feet of the Lord. They built the altar without tools, reminding them that their victory over Ai was entirely the work of the Lord. They used rocks God Himself created to build a place to honor Him. The victory was not about them; it was about Him! The path to lasting victory begins in the altar, in the place of sacrifice, on your knees!

How To Be A Church Super Hero
The Power Of An Encourager
Text: Acts 4:35-37; 9:23-27; 15:36-40
Hebrews 10:25, II Corinthians 1:3, I Thessalonians 5:14  
I. An Encourager is a Load Lifter
Acts 4:36-37,Galatians 6:2
II. An Encourager is a Friend Finder
Act 9:26-29
III. An Encourager is also a Bridge Builder
Acts 11:19-25,Galatians 5:25
IV. An Encourager is a Disciple Developer
Acts 11:25-26
V. An Encourager is a Failure Fixer
Acts 15:36-40,  II Timothy 4:11
Calling All Church Super HEROS
Be An Encourager By Being:
A Load Lifter
A Friend Finder
A Bridge Builder
A Disciple Developer
A Failure Fixer