Back To Bethel / Back To Bethel  and Back To El-Bethel and More
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Dr. Tom Hover
Delivered On
June 13, 2021
Central Passage
Genesis 35:1-15 /
Back To Bethel / Back To Bethel  and Back To El-Bethel and More

Back To Bethel
(Back To El-bethel)
Text: Genesis 35:1-15
Introduction: Jacob had the two big ones, he found God, then he made a complete consecration and dedication to God (Genesis 32 and 33).   In chapter 35 God tells Jacob to go back to Bethel (house of God).  
Genesis 35:1
A.) Everybody Should Have A Bethel Where They Found The Lord.
B.) We Have The God Who Is the God Of The Second Chance and The God Of New Beginnings.   
Examples: 1. Jonah   2. Moses   3. Samson   4. Peter
Genesis 35:2-4
Jacob’s determination was marked by:
A.) A Decided Choice  Genesis 35:2   “...Put away”
B.) A Divine Cleansing  Genesis 35:2, I John 1:7-10
II Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 6:1-7
C.) A Definite Change  Genesis 35:2  “.....and change your garments.”
I thought I had white shirts until I put a new one next to my old ones. I thought I was pure until I got next to God. 
A.) The Devil is not afraid of you, but he is very much afraid of your God!   The cities around about Jacob were afraid of Jacob’s God.  Every backslider becomes the dirty play thing of the devil. Ephesians 4:27   
IV.  JACOB’S REVELATION Genesis 35:6-13 
Jacob had a revelation of:
A.) The Glory Of God’s Person  Genesis 35:7-10 
Elbethel = The God of the House Of God.  God appeared to Jacob  and  reminds Jacob of  his name change from Jacob to Israel. 
Jacob = supplanter, trickster. Israel = a prince of God. 
B.) The Greatness Of God’s Power     
Genesis 35:11  El = Mighty one
C.) The Grace Of God’s Promises Genesis 35:11-13
Jacob is being reminded of God’s Great promises.
V. JACOB’S DEDICATION Genesis 35:14-15
A.) A Picture Of The Savior   
Genesis 35:14-15  “Pillar”/ rock = Jesus our rock of ages, oil poured on the rock, Jesus = Anointed One, Jesus poured His life out for us. Jesus is also the water of life. A drink offering poured out for us.
B.) A Personal Complete Dedication Genesis 35:14-15
1. A life poured out for God not to be retrieved.
2. Is there a sticking point in your life - something or someone you need to pour to God as an offering.
Psalm 51:17, I Peter 2:5, Roman’s 12:1-2, Philippians 2:16-18
Invitation: The name Israel means a prince of God or with God. God does not love us because we are valuable.  
We are valuable because God loves us.  God does not change us in order to love us.  He loves us in order to change us. 
Do you want to become a prince of or with God?
Do you want power with God and men?  Isaiah 41:14, Gen. 32:28
We are to be ever growing in our spiritual life. 
Today, you can go back to Bethel and El-bethel right here and now. For the glory of God, and do it today.
“The dearest idol I have known, what ere that idol be, Lord, help me to tear it from thy throne, and worship only thee!” 
God is calling you back to El-Bethel. 

Back To Bethel 
and Back To Elbethel and More. 
Genesis 35
The bloody massacre of Shechem emphasized that great improvement was needed in Jacob and his household. Disobedience had taken a toll on Jacob's situation.   Shortly after the massacre at Shechem, God ordered a change in Jacob's situation. This change in Jacob's situation is the main theme of this chapter. Genesis 35 can be divided into four major parts as follows:
I. The Moving of Jacob   Genesis 35:1-7
1. The Precept for Moving Genesis 35:1
2. The Place in the Moving Genesis 35:1
3. The Purposes of the Moving Genesis 35:1
• An abode. "Go up to Bethel, and dwell there." 
• An altar. "And make there an altar unto God." 
4. The Prodding for the Moving Genesis 35:1
• The prodding by the dream.
• The prodding by the distress.
5. The Preparation for the Moving Genesis 35:2,4
• The creed in the preparation. Genesis 35:2,4
• The cleansing in the preparation. Genesis 35:2
• The clothes in the preparation. Genesis 35:2
6. The Protection in the Moving Genesis 35:5
7. The Performing of the Moving Genesis 35:6,7
• The completion of the trip. Genesis 35:6
• The consecration in the trip. Genesis 35:6
• The company in the move. Genesis 35:6
• The construction of the altar. Genesis 35:7
First, the price of worship. 
Second, the priority of worship. 
Third, the publicness of worship.
• The choosing of the name. Genesis 35:7
When Jacob first named the place, he called it "Bethel" (Genesis 28:19) and later will do the same (Genesis 35:15). "El-bethel" means "The God of the house of God." 
II. The Message for Jacob  Genesis 35:9-15
1. The Mercy in the Message Genesis 35:9
2. The Matters in the Message Genesis 35:10-12
• The prince in the message. Genesis 35:10
• The Provider in the message. Genesis 35:11
• The precept in the message. Genesis 35:11 
• The posterity in the message. Genesis 35:11
• The place in the message. Genesis 35:12
3. The Memorial in the Message Genesis 35:14,15
• The setting up of a pillar.  Genesis 35:14
• The sacrificing on the pillar. Genesis 35:14
• The signifying of the pillar. Genesis 35:15
III. The Mourning by Jacob
Genesis 35:8,16-22,27-29
1. The Funeral of His Friend Genesis 35:8
2. The Funeral of His Favorite Genesis 35:19
3. The Funeral of His Father Genesis 35:27,29
• The arrival before his death. Genesis 35:27
• The age at his death. Genesis 35:28,29
• The amiableness at his death. Genesis 27:41
IV. The Manor of Jacob  Genesis 35:22-26
1. The Shame in the Manor Genesis 35:22
• The perniciousness of it. 
• The publicity of it. 
• The punishment of it. 
First, he lost the claim to the birthright. 
Second, he lost the capacity to excel. Genesis 49:4 
2. The Sons in the Manor Genesis 35:22-26
• The number of the sons. Genesis 35:22
• The name of the sons. Genesis 35:23-26
• The nation in the sons.