August 26, 2018 Morning Service
Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
September 8, 2018
Central Passage
Genesis 49:14-15
Issachar, A Donkey?

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Issachar, A Donkey?


Text: Genesis 49:14-15 

Issachar in Hebrew = Bearing hire, He will bring a Reward

Matthew 23:11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. 

Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory capacity.


Introduction: The donkey is call “The Beast Of Burden” the donkey is a Bearer of man’s burdens.  “....A Servant unto Tribute.”

Today we think of a donkey as dumb and is even called dumb and foolish (II Peter 2:16, Proverbs 26:3).   When the Bible uses the word DUMB it simply means a person or something that can not speak.  Man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has but the number of people he serves. 

(The Donkey is a Symbol of Servant-hood)  

I. A Donkey Is Praise For It’s Common-Sense Intelligence Isaiah 1:3

II. A Donkey One Time Spoke For GodNumbers 22:22-35

If God can use a Donkey for a mouthpiece for Him, don’t you think He can use you.

III. A Donkey’s Jaw Bone Was Use By Samson

Just one "donkey" bone was used by Samson as a weapon, by which he destroyed 1,000 enemy soldiers. (Judges 15:15-17)  I heard one preacher say, "If God can use the donkey's jaw bone, surely He can use mine too.

IV. Laws Were Instituted By Moses To Give Special Consideration To The "Donkey."

Just like humans, "donkeys" were to be redeemed by the sacrifice of a lamb. WHY?

The Donkey is a symbol of servant-hood!  

Exodus 13:13 "Donkeys" are right up there with other valuable possessions not to be the object of covetousness. (Car, Truck, Tractor, Home) Exodus 20:17

V. "Donkeys" Were Also Covered By The Sabbath Law.   Exodus 23:12

Making each day count is far better for us and others than just counting our days. 

VI. "Donkeys" Were To Be Looked After By Neighbors. Exodus 21:33-34, Exodus 23:4-5, Luke 13:15
True servants of God are not to be legalistic in nature! The legalism wants to paint with a one hair brush, while the liberalism wants to paint with a 20 foot brush!

VII. Some Of The Great Events Of The Bible, Took Place In The Presence Of A "Donkey":

1.)The "donkey" was there when Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. (Genesis 22:3) 

2.) The "donkey" was part of the pilgrimage made by the brothers of Joseph to request food from Egypt. (Genesis 42:27) 

3.) A "donkey" was with Moses and his small family during their trip back to Egypt to deliver the people from bondage. (Exo. 4:20-23) 

4.) "Donkeys" witnessed the collapse of Jericho's walls.         Joshua 6:21       And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword. But the greatest story of all, the one we commemorate today - Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on a "donkey."Why did he call for a "donkey"? He was the "King of King and Lord of Lords", didn't he deserve the best?  Didn't He deserve royal treatment?   Yes, but Jesus rather chose to identify with the common person. Horses may be for those who take pride in their positions, Jesus, if anything, took pride in being a servant.    

Matthew 21:1-5 , Zechariah 9:9

VIII. The Lowly Donkey Had The Greatest Privilege Of All - To Bear On His Back The Son Of God. 

Why was the donkey so honored?  Of course, because he was available, but also because the donkey was a picture of humility, and the willingness to perform hard work.  The Donkey is the beast of burden. Are you a person who is ready & willing to bear the burdens of others? Galatians 6:2
Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. LOVE is a supernatural quality GOD gives US so OTHERS can see HIM in US.


Matthew 25:34-46  In washing the feet of the Apostles, Jesus not only performed as a servant, but requested that His followers do the same. 

Jesus Is The Lord of All, Who Became Servant To All.

Christ is the bearer of our sin burdens.  Call on Him, He makes the difference.

Love God completely; love others compassionately; love yourself correctly. 


Salvation Is Not A Reward For The Righteous, It Is A Gift For The Guilty!

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