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Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
May 7, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Central Passage
Luke 5:1-11
Let’s Go Fishing!

Let’s Go Fishing!

Text: Luke 5:1-11 

Introduction: We are to be fishers of men not keepers of aquariums.    Six things are needed to go fishing:

1.)  A Rod - The Bible Isaiah 55:10-11 

2.) A Line - Prayer John 14:14 , James 5:16, I Thess. 5:17 

3.) A Hook - Faith Mark 9:23  (Story 14-29)

4.) A Bait - Love Galatians 5:6  

5.) A Reel - Common Sense Matthew 10:16  

6.) A Hand Net - The Church II Corinthians 6:17  

The Great Commission  Matthew 28: 19-20

Real Christian Fishing Takes Commitment:

I. A Commitment To Keep Your Equipment Clean.  Luke 5:2, Romans 12:1-2

II A Commitment To Go Where The Fish Are.  Luke 5:4    

III. A Commitment To Fish When You Get There.  Luke 5:5-6, John 1:35-41

1.) Visiting    2.) Witnessing    3.) Soul-winning

IV. A Commitment To Help Other Fisherman.  Luke 5:7  

V. A Commitment To Give Fishing Top Priority.  Luke 5:11   

Conclusion:  Jesus said in Matthew 4:19  “..follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” The difference between catching men and catching fish: you catch fish that are alive and they die, but you catch men that are dead and they are brought to life.       

Followers and Fishers

A.) A Night Of Failure Luke 5:5 

B.) A Morning Of Faith Luke 5:5  

C.) A Day Of Fulness Luke 5:6    

D.) A Lifetime Of Fellowship Luke 5:7 , Luke 5:11, Matt. 4:19 


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