Faith To Lean On God
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Delivered By
Dr Tom Hover
Delivered On
July 30, 2017 at 11:00 PM
Faith To Lean On God

Faith To Lean On God

Faith Sermon # 6 

Text: Hebrews11:21,Isaiah41:14, Genesis 32:28


A.) The Family That Formed Him

1. He had a sensuous father - (Isaac)  Genesis 25:28

2. He had a scheming mother - (Rebekah) Gen. 27

3. He had a sorry brother - (Esau)  Hebrews 12:16-17

B.) The Faults That Fettered Him

1. He was a trickster, schemer, and a cheat.

C.) The Failure That Followed Him

1. Environment, hereditary, natural inclination, and time, all worked against him.

2. The one redeeming factor he had was  a deep hunger for God.

3. Jacob had a warfare of the flesh and the spirit. Galatians 5:17

4. God could help Jacob because Jacob saw himself as he really was. Rom. 7:24, Rom. 3:10,Rom. 3:23, Ecclesiastes 7:20

II. JACOB THE WRESTLING MAN    Genesis 32:24-30

Who was this man Jacob was wrestling?  Pre-incarnate Jesus Christ!

A.) Isolation  Genesis 32:24

B.) Confrontation  Genesis 32:24 

C.) Desperation   Genesis 32:24, Genesis 32:26  

1. Jacob’s condition 

2. Why did God let Jacob get in this condition?  To crush his resistance and to cause his reliance!


Hebrews 11:21

Why was he leaning? When he learned to lean, he learned to worship. God had to cripple him so He might crown him. God had to break him in order to bless him. God had to humble him that He might exalt him.   Genesis 32:27, Genesis 32:28

Jacob goes from the name of shame to the Hall of fame!

Israel = prince with God and ruling with God.  

Remember God: God had to cripple him so He might crown him. God had to break him in order to bless him.God had to humble him that He might exalt him.  

What have seemed to be cruel to some was not cruel at all, but rather kind. Hebrews 12:11  

Conclusion: Application for us today!

1.) Failure is not final.

2.) God might break us in order to bless us.

3.) If you learn to lean,  you can save yourself a wrestling match. I Corinthians 11:31 

4.) What matters most of all is our worship to God. John 4:24, II Corinthians 3:17, Genesis 32:26

Jacob is dying and note what he was doing. Heb. 11:21


SONG: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

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